Apeco Belt Scale 1300

November 28, 2012

Single- or multi idler set Apeco Belt Scale 1300 is intended to measure continuous bulk material flows in difficult working conditions. Scale frame is engineered for maximum strength considering the weight of material and the structure of the device which guarantees enough stiffness to the frame ensuring required accuracy. The Belt Scale can be installed on mobile and stationary systems in various applications. Entire information is stored in scale indicator.

Increasing of the measuring accuracy depends on the particular device, technical properties of the conveyor and comparing test weights on calibration. It is necessary to previously check technical wear.

PM – letters at the end mark a panel mount indicator
ALU – letters at the end mark an indicator with aluminium enclosure

Technical data:

Accuracy +/- 1%
Productivity Up to 3000 t/h
Working temperature -10° … +50° C
Number of load sensors 2/4
Number of idler frames 1/2
Surface finish Painted or galvanized
Material Steel S355
Protection level IP67
Junction box


  • Simple and user-friendly;
  • Quick and easy calibration;
  • Easy to install;
  • Analogue and digital output;
  • Special software.


  • Information can be forwarded by memory card, DD-Logger;
  • The scale’s performance can be observed on a computer;
  • GSM/GPRS data communication;
  • External printer;
  • Stainless steel frame for extreme working conditions.