February 18, 2014

 In relation to AS Estonian Cell’s investment in a new pre-treatment and anaerobic treatment plant, late last year Apeco supplied to Kunda a 31 meters in length, stationary belt conveyor. The device is designed to direct the screenings generated at the sewage station from the technical building to the specified sediment site. The conveyor is designed specifically for use around the clock. Thus Apeco Group engineers turned special attention to the durability of machine parts to ensure the reliability of the conveyor. Allowing for the smooth and uninterrupted production process for our clients is the main objective of Apeco.

 The technology and automation systems of the anaerobic water treatment were supplied by Purac AB. The construction design was completed in cooperation with Skanska AS and Civen OÜ. The equipment was procured and installed into the new treatment plant in 2013. Work in the recently completed production facility can begin as early as this year.

 AS Estonian Cell is an aspen pulp factory based in Kunda, which began production in April 2006. With the initial investment of EUR 153 million, the plant has an annual turnover of approximately EUR 67 million and the company’s production is 100% exported. The majority of the necessary aspen is sourced in Estonia. The company’s owner is the Austrian group Heinzel Holding GmbH.