April 2, 2013

We are pleased to announce that through cooperation with the Department of Mining of Tallinn University of Technology, Apeco has begun to contribute to the development of research. In the framework of the European Union’s Baltic Sea Region project MIN-NOVATION, Apeco supplied within the past year to the Department of Mining of Tallinn University of Technology, two pieces of important laboratory equipment. The first of these was a crushing bucket, which can be used for the selective crushing of various rocks. Another device is an enrichment device, which can be used to classify a trench by gravity. Both pieces of laboratory equipment will find usage in the Department of Mining mainly in research and development projects, which are engaged in the mining and processing of mineral resources located in Estonia and elsewhere.

“Close collaboration with Tallinn University of Technology has connected us for the entire last year. The investments made in the framework of this project are beneficial for both the Estonian oil shale industry and for the construction industry as a whole, “said Apeco’s representative Ardo Perm.

The crushing bucket, Komplet RCB6000 and the enrichment device, Allmineral Alljig have been delivered to the Department of Mining of TUT in the framework of the MIN-NOVATION project. Included in the MIN-NOVATION project are participants who include scientists and experts of Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Poland. The project aims, with the help of the Baltic Sea Region transnational network, to analyze the mining operations in the Baltic Sea Region countries and to provide guidelines for better extraction of mineral resources. It focuses mainly on the possible production facilities of construction materials, analysis of waste processing, crushing, screening and washing technology and the exchange of experiences in the network countries.

The actions undertaken in the framework of the project are related to the research and development work of the Department of Mining of TUT which include: minimum loss and clean extraction of oil shale; filling and scrap (waste) management in the Estonian oil shale industry; energy and geo-technology doctoral school II, with the work of the interdisciplinary research group “Sustainable Mining” and the mi.ttu.ee/doktorikool and an international project “Mining and Mineral Processing Waste Management Innovation Network”.

More information about the project can be found at these sites: http://mi.ttu.ee/min-novation; www.min-novation.eu ; info@apeco.ee