Commission Sale

October 25, 2012

Apeco helps to solve the problems related to the sales of your used heavy equipment.

Your old crusher or screen may be a new opportunity for somebody else. Our experienced sales team will find the potential product and be actively engaged in world-wide sales work that is based on the objectives set by you. Gain time and sell your heavy equipment with our help.

Why sell your used heavy equipment at us?

• Professional feedback to the customer prior to the sales process.
• Gain time and use it for other activities that are important to you.
• Your sales advertisement is active in all larger heavy equipment sales portals.
• Unbiased examination of the equipment before sales.


• The equipment on sale must belong to you.
• The device on sale must be in good technical order.
• Apeco has the exclusive sales right.
• Commission fee is 3% of the sales price.

Please feel free to contact us!