Drum motor

September 24, 2012

A drum motor is a fully closed electric motor. Primarily the drum motor has been developed to drive conveyor belts, but beltless applications are also possible. By fitting sprockets modular belts can also be driven and drum motors fitted with external brushes have been used for cleaning purposes. It is also possible to design a drum motor to be used as an electrical generator.

For its demanding customers Apeco offers quality drum motors produced by the Netherlands manufacturer Van Der Graaf.

Advantages of Van Der Graaf’s drum motor:

  • Hard-alloy gears are used.
  • The body is made of steel instead of aluminium.
  • Available in diameter sizes from 100 mm to 620 mm.
  • Oil change required after every 50 000 hours of operation.
  • Rotatable junction box.
  • Easy maintenance due to removable end-flanges.

In addition to the customary drum motors the product range of Van Der Graaf also includes special-purpose drum motors, for example geared, etc.