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Nordic partner company Apeco is a fast developing company specializing in production of material processing equipment. Company`s product range consists mainly of conveyor solutions, belt scales, conveyor components and spares. Since 2007 we have helped our clients to process, transport, crush, store and move different materials.

Raam - Piisavalt jäik ning äärmiselt kompaktne raami disain.

Kiviekraan - Mõeldud tolmu ning kivide summutamiseks.

Reguleerimine - Kõik olulised konveieri sõlmed on reguleeritavad.

Reduktormootor – Piisavalt võimas, et tagadada õige doseerimine pealiinile.

Rullikud - Integreeritud rullide paigutus, mis ei nõua eraldi rulliraami kaalul.

Raam - Unikaalne ning äärmiselt kompaktne raami disain võimaldab paigaldada kaalu ka kõige nõudlikumale konveierile.

Vedrud - 8 lehtvedruga süsteem kindlustab konveierkaalu piisava jäikuse ning andrurite õige töö.

Andurid – Paiknevad kaalu külgedel. Kerge ligipääsetavus reguleerimiseks.


We will keep your scales accurate and reliable to ensure that your production operations are based on correct data. You can rely on our technical staff being unbiased and providing assistance at problem solving.

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Commission Sale

Apeco helps to solve the problems related to the sales of your used heavy equipment. Win some time and start with your crusher or screen sales today!

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Project Sale

Apeco’s project solutions include the manufacturing of technological equipment for processing different bulk materials in various industries. Often the customers have specific problems that require non-standard solutions.

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Apeco delivered a dry screening plant

July 28, 2020

Since May this year, AS Kunda Nordic Tsement is using a new dry screening plant for fine aggregate. It is an extension of the plant at Aru-Lõuna limestone quarry, with a purpose to increase the value of fraction 0-4. As a result of the process, two fractions, 0-2 and 2-5 are produced, the subsequent use of which shall ensure resource efficiency.

In partnership with Austrian company Binder+Co AG, Apeco delivered the necessary conveyor technologies and the screening plant as the


Screw conveyors

We produce screw conveyors of different parameters for transporting wood chips, cement, agricultural products and various other materials. Since...