AG436 – Belt Weigher Indicator

September 13, 2013

The PR436 Belt Weigher Indicator connects with 1-4 strain gauge load cells fitted to a belt weigher mechanism from which it generates a calibrated weight signal. It also connects with a proximity switch, operating as a digital tacho, from which it receives pulses in proportion to belt movement. From these two inputs and from calibration and control data held in its system memory it continually calculates the rate of fl ow of material over the belt and the total quantity of material transferred.Optionally, in applications where belt speed variations are insignifi cant, the indicator may operate from an internal tacho pulse simulator.The display may be selected to Flow, Resettable or Non-Resettable Total at any time via the front panel keys. Access may be gained to the control and calibration data which is pass-number protected.



  • Connects with 1 to 4 load cells and a speed sensor to provide flow rate measurement and material totals.
  • Dynamic Tare, Calibration and Deadband adjustment by simple push-button operation.
  • Automatic Zero Adjustment.
  • Choice of Kgs/hour or Tonnes/hour Flow Rate Display.
  • Both resettable and non-resettable totals.
  • Security code protected calibration, totals and control parameters, all stored in no-volatile memory.
  • Serial Interface RS232/485.
  • Analogue Output and Bus Connectivity options including: Profi bus & CANopen.