Project Sale

October 25, 2012

Apeco’s project solutions include the manufacturing of technological equipment for processing different bulk materials in various industries. Often the customers have specific problems that require non-standard solutions. Apeco’s technical team will help to find the most appropriate solution, taking into account the peculiarities of the material being produced. The range of equipment that we manufacture includes filling hoppers, frames, hoisting equipment etc. The customer can also order only the project with the necessary working drawings.

The process of project solution starts with an inquiry where the customer describes his/her vision of the planned equipment or production line. Based on that information the initial technical project and price quotation are prepared. After the final approvement of the solution the project will be authorized and the production process will begin. Before the equipment is shipped to the customer all of its most important nodes are tested to ensure the equipment’s working capacity. In addition to the abovementioned the customer can also order the installation service together with appropriate training for keeping the equipment in working order in the future.

Why order the project solution from us?

• Well-advised technical solutions are based upon your needs.
• Documentation is prepared in accordance with technical requirements.

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